Balloon-Decorating Experts to Make Your Party a Blast!

Your party decorations will not be complete without colourful balloons to add character and pops of colour here and there. You can hire experts to do the balloon decorating or you can simply do it yourself. There are a lot of balloon decorating professionals out there who can do the job right. But we, at Having A Party, doesn’t only do the job right. We also go beyond what you expect.

We have a team of balloon experts and decorators who specialise in matching colours, creating ideas for your party theme, and giving your function room the perfect ambience for celebrations of any kind and size.

If ever you want DIY balloon decorations, we can provide you with a broad selection of balloon designs, colours, sizes, and helium tanks for hire. We will also deliver any of your purchased or hired equipment from our warehouse to your doorstep. If you want our team to do the balloon decorating for you, we can provide you with the best people for the task. All you need to do is call us!

The following are some of Having A Party’s balloon creations:


Double heart with tulle


Walk thru arch – rear of bridal table

Formed solid balloon arch
Helium filled balloon arch
Formed solid colums.
Helium balloon arches and table centre pieces creating a great atmosphere

The above selections are just a few of what we can provide. You can also suggest what you want or think of your own design, and we will do it for you. You might want to have glittery balloons, double stuffed balloons, confetti-filled balloons, and character balloons for themed parties. You can always depend on Having A Party to create the perfect balloon pillars, arches, centrepieces, and photo backdrops. Pick your own balloon choices, colours, sizes, and styles that you think would fit the occasion and let us help make your vision a reality.

We can also give you balloon decorating tips to make your ideas more awesome. Whether you wish to hold a party in your house, office, under a marquee, or anywhere outdoors, our team of professionals can handle the balloon decorating for you anytime.

Aside from balloon decorating services, we also provide other party needs. We offer party supplies, marquees for hire, and other equipment hires. We also assist during the planning stage up to the organising part to make things hassle-free for you!

We have warehouses located in the Melbourne suburbs, the Bayside, and the Mornington Peninsula. These one-stop shops are completely stocked with all of your party needs. We operate, do business, and deliver helium pre-filled balloons and other supplies in different areas in Melbourne to serve you wherever you are. Contact us for your balloon decorating and other party needs anytime and anywhere in Melbourne!

Party ballon services in Melbourne

  • Party balloons: a full range of latex, printed latex, foil balloons, foil balloons in animal shapes and much more. Custom balloon printing available.
  • Balloon deliveries: order pre-inflated helium balloons delivered to your door – our fleet of vans is at the ready, with friendly knowledgeable staff to help take the stress out and make the whole event a blast.
  • Balloon discount deals: order large quantities starting at 100 helium balloons with delivery; large-scale home and venue decorator design deals also available.
  • Hire helium cylinders: hire balloon gas cylinders, disposable balloon gas containers, DIY balloon gas packages and more.
  • Hire balloon table centrepieces and floor stands: these look great in any venue, and really add a party atmosphere to gatherings.